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Do I have a communication bias? If your messages focus on what you think is important, you may be missing opportunities to connect with everyone in your audience. We’ll look at how to design messages that will resonate with broader impact.

Why isn’t my team adapting more quickly to change? We’ll consider what happens cognitively when people encounter something new and look at some practical ways to set the stage for adaption.

Does my team have “norms”? There’s a good chance they do, even if you aren’t aware of them. We’ll define what team norms are, why they’re important to a team’s functioning, and how to be intentional about how your team works together.

Did I do that? Unintentional behaviors that derail productivity. Leaders often have habits that are well intentioned but disrupt productivity and motivation. We’ll look at a few of these derailers and discuss alternative strategies.

How do I integrate the perspectives of my quiet and more vocal team members? You may have noticed that your team or colleagues resemble characteristics of “introverts” and “extroverts.” We’ll talk about some of the misconceptions about each kind of working style and how you can support the participation of colleagues with different preferences.



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