Service On Demand

Haltiner and Company is proud to announce our new "Support on Demand" service.  

The new service targets the short-term development and project needs businesses have without extending their permanent staff.  This service is different than a typical consulting engagement lasting six months to a year because it is a support engagement on-demand, or on an hourly basis.  The service is supported by a team of technical resources for the following areas:

Project and Product Management
Mobile Application Development
Full Stack Development
Cloud Architecture and DevOps
Quality Assurance, Testing, and Automation
UI/UX and Design
Data Science, BI, Analytics, and Reporting

Tristan Nyyssela, CIO at Haltiner and Company: "This service will enable companies to have access to technical resources on demand to extend their teams' technical staffing in the short-term.  With our vast array of highly skilled consultants, we will bring the necessary resources as needed to quickly assess and resolve technical issues to help businesses achieve their project goals.  Think of us as your on-call technical team."

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